The latest example of intolerance is a 41-year-old Falmouth woman who attacked a man just for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

This guy was minding his own business at the Casa Vallarta Mexican restaurant in Falmouth, when this woman, foaming and hot under the collar, decided to knock the hat off his head, while letting him know how disgusting the MAGA hat is to her! The local police were called to escort this femme fatale out and as they were leading her away, she managed to whack the guy on the head.

This brainsickness also happened at a restaurant reported having a ban on all people who wore the red "Make America Great Again" hats. Recently, a CNN commentator blamed the MAGA hat for a trigger to her distress. Alyssa Milano wouldn't apologize for comparing the MAGA hat to KKK hood, and there's Jussie Smollett, now a suspected criminal for his alleged hate crime hoax.

I know every generation re-invents and re-imagines what this nation is and how we as Americans should relate to it. I've also been around long enough to realize this process is rarely smooth and makes some people see red, no pun intended.

In the political sphere these days, managing hatred is impossible for some because of its intensity at the moment. Hate is an enduring, all-consuming and inflexible state. And if left unchecked, it eliminates our ability to understand that at the core of our humanity, we live in a great country where we can choose to wear any color hat we decide.

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