I've had a full day to digest the Patriots loss to the Ravens in the AFC Championship game, I heard all of the talk breaking the performance down and the flaws of the Patriots.  It is true that in a big game like that the Pat's were pretty flat, but you have to give credit to the Ravens for bringing a fight to the game. 

The patriots are more of a finesse team than a punch em' in the face kind of team and that's ok, after all they scored about 100 more points than any other team in the NFL this year.  One problem I see with the team is the ability to stop the passing game.  The defence made Joe Flacco look like a great quarterback, we all know who the better quarterback on the field was on Sunday.

One thing that the Patriots have done over the years is keep Tom Brady and change the players around him, I'm not sure that this is a good thing, yes, he's had Wes Welker for a few years, but with Wes possibly becoming a free agent this year will they pay up or let him go?

I'm guessing Wes will be playing for another team or he will be slapped with the franchise tag again.  Back to the defence, they struggled in the beginning of the season until they brought in Akib Talib who brought some experience to the team and made a difference, will he be back next year?

Yes, the Patriots have a system that is proven to win games, during the regular season but they sure do struggle in the post-season.  Like I have said before we are spoiled here and we are lucky that we have such a winning team and this is what we have to talk about.  Other talk I heard made some sense to me was that Bill Belichick needs to win another Superbowl before he retires after the "spygate" era.

People still think that what he did tainted his wins in the past and to get that monkey off his back he needs to win.

I think that the team will be back to the Superbowl and will get that win.  When that I am not sure of!