Just recently, a friend of mine witnessed a car traveling down Rt. 6 towards Marion and couldn't believe what she was witnessing. A guy was leaving a local watering hole and his snow covered windshield only had a tiny four or five inch circular opening to see through and navigate. Hugging his steering and leaning forward, he didn't take the time to scrape the windows and roof clean. Did I say roof? Oh yea, were you aware of the MA law that says if you are caught traveling the highways with a few inches of snow on your roof, you could be stopped and fined $200? How many times have you seen layers of snow from trucks and cars ahead of you fly airborne only to come down on your windshield, temporarily blocking your vision? Be warned! The MA State Police were out ticketing motorists for that infraction recently. So, take the time and clean the snow off your vehicle before venturing onto the highways, and pocket the $200 for something else!