Smudge the cat is resting comfortably after undergoing surgery Tuesday morning.

Smudge was the victim of animal abuse, allegedly at the hands of 55-year-old Manuel Erinna of New Bedford. Erinna has been charged with animal cruelty after he reportedly struck the cat over the head with an aluminum baseball bat Saturday when he learned the cat scratched his ex-girlfriend's infant granddaughter.

Dr. Corinne Slaughter, veterinarian at Hidden Brook Veterinary services tells WBSM News the cat's injuries were traumatic.

Dr. Slaughter says she made it her mission to treat the cat rather than put it down, saying the cat had suffered enough and deserved to live.

Smudge's right eye has been removed, and the socket sewn shut.

The four-year-old female cat will not be returned to it's owner, and will be put up for adoption once she has made a full recovery.

Habitat For Cats in New Bedford will be handling the adoption. Those looking to adopt Smudge or make a donation to go towards her treatment can call Habitat For Cats at 508-961-2287 or log onto