As any renter on the SouthCoast can tell you, finding an affordable place to call home is hard. Rents are on the rise, so wouldn't it be nice to put your hard-earned money into owning a home instead?

We've told you about the most expensive apartments on the SouthCoast, but what about some houses you could be buying for roughly the same payment per month? Just because you may not need the space of an entire house doesn't mean you can't find a house without a lot of space.

There are plenty of places across the SouthCoast for sale that prove bigger isn't always better, and the benefits of going smaller when it comes to your home make quite the lengthy list.

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Think about it: when you have less space, that means less cost to heat and air condition that space. Plus with a lot of these smaller homes, the kitchen is so close to the living room that simply baking something in the oven could heat the place for hours.

For those who hate to clean, having less square footage of home means less places to dust, vacuum and wipe down all the time. Another huge benefit, if you ask me.

Then there's the simple fact that not having a lot of space means you can't buy a lot of nonsense. For whatever reason, when most of us get some extra room, we just instantly put extra things in our newfound space. If there isn't room for stuff, you automatically buy less stuff.

Not to mention the fact that homeownership means a little more privacy and lot less noisy neighbors you can hear right through the walls.

As LeVar Burton would say, "don't take my word for it." Instead, take a look at these sweet smaller homes for sale on the SouthCoast.

Smaller SouthCoast Homes For Sale

Rents are on the rise across the SouthCoast, but you can own a home without swimming in space you don't need. These local cozy cribs all have less than 800 square feet of living space, but definitely prove that bigger is not always better.

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