FAIRHAVEN — Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson appeared on The Chris McCarthy Show on WBSM Monday morning to comment about the Thanksgiving visitors to his Dartmouth home.

On Thursday morning, about 20 people from the organization Fang Collective stood across the street from the sheriff's home in freezing temperatures. The group was holding banners saying "Sheriff Hodgson, stop separating families," and "Bristol County, end your agreements with ICE."

Hodgson told WBSM listeners that he feels the group was there simply to try and intimidate him.

"If they were really trying to get their message out, they would have not been facing my home, they would be facing the traffic on the street with their signs," he said. "But it obviously wasn't that. They were trying to intimidate me."

Hodgson said the protesters didn't get their message out, nor did they intimidate him. He added that what they did is not the way to get things accomplished.

Sheriff Hodgson has been criticized for cooperating with the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), by ordering his deputies to detain people targeted for deportation.

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