Flying Starlings is a nonprofit charity operating out of Westport.

“Education and play-focused organization that encourages an appreciation for Westport & South Coast local resources, environment, businesses, and people through the use of Fairy Tale themed programs, groups, toys, workshops and more.” - Flying Starlings via Facebook

The group announced on its Facebook page that it will host a sensory-friendly and inclusive event on the last Friday of every month starting in March. The event is geared towards individuals in the pre-teen/teen ages with autism and other sensory processing sensitivities. This should be taken at the parents’ discretion. Parents and guardians are recommended to stay with children, especially those that may need assistance that is best understood and served by their guardian.

“Kids can dance and have fun with their needs in mind." - Flying Starlings

The "Active" Party Space:
This space will have dance and music. Light refreshments like fruit, dessert, and chips. Parents welcome to bring bagged snacks for kids with nutritional restrictions. Active games like corn hole and balance boards with foam jousting. Sensory table with slime, clay, and kinetic sand.

The ‘Quiet’ Space:
There will also be a designated room created with calming and relaxing measures in mind. There will be seating, no music, and a sensory bin with stress relief tools in order to aid in gentle relaxation. This room is intended to provide sensory-safe options like fur and weighted blankets in a quiet and low-lit place for anyone that may feel overstimulated.

Ways to make your experience more fun:
No Loud Music
No Flashing Lights
Anti-Stress Bin (stretchy, squishy, objects)
Safe Zone - A marked off floor space were no touching, grabbing is allowed.
Refreshments and drinks
Sensory Bins
Light activities

The event will be held between 7 and 9 pm, and the organization is looking for a $10 donation per participant. Tickets available HERE.

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