Sara Yo Five-Element Healing Bracelets are healing bracelets created by medical doctor Hannah Hershoff, using one of a kind five-element stones from the Gan River region of Southeast China.

In ancient China, Taoist scholars and mystics described five elements philosophy based on their observations of nature. For thousands of years, this philosophy has been used in Chinese medicine to help people with illness and emotional issues. The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, and they are understood to be the five aggregates that comprised the world. Energy from the five elements embraces the energetic matrix of the universe, and it is said to flow together within us to bring harmony and balance.

We've got a very limited amount of Sara Yo bracelets including Fire Energy, Water Energy, Earth Energy, Wood Energy and Metal Energy going on sale at Seize the Deal.

We'll have 5 bracelets on sale, each with their own special energy. A code will be mailed out with your Seize the Deal certificate that you will then redeem online at Sara Yo's The bracelets will then be mailed to the mailing address provided. There are limited supplies of each bracelet.

  • Fire Energy Bracelet: Fire Balance  Fire energy is the energy of heat and it is Yang in nature. It is the energy of motivation, enthusiasm, and activity. It is thriving and potent but can be destructive. It is a strong, dominant element that must be used only when you really need this powerful energy. Fire energy brings us Ambition, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Action and Confidence
  • Water Energy Bracelet: Forest Stream. Water energy is Yin in nature. It is the most powerful element, for it can move around any obstacle in its path without losing its essential nature. Water Energy gives us the power to find our best moods and helps us stay calm in critical situations. Water energy brings us Calmness, Peace, Patience, Fearlessness, and Tolerance​​​
  • Earth Energy Bracelet: Sara Yo Unisex. Earth Energy Connects Us To Loved Ones. Earth energy is the energy of rootedness and solidity. The earth element is nurturing and supporting while bringing harmony into our life. In Chinese thought, Earth is associated with the qualities of compassion, practicality, and stability. Earth energy gives us the power to find our boundaries and help us to connect with our loved ones. Earth energy bring us Love, Harmony, Connection, Mood Stability and Boundary
  • Wood Energy: Gold Hope Bracelet. Wood Energy Helps Us Be Successful. Wood energy is the energy that consistently guides and supports trees to expand and grow tall. It is yang/masculine in character. This element enables us to know what we want in life and helps us grow. With the power of Wood energy, hope and joy enter into our lives. Wood energy brings us HopeJoy, Optimism, Fulfillment and Contentment​​​
  • Metal Energy: Pink Miracle Bracelet. Metal Energy Is The Source Of Resilience. The qualities associated with metal are toughness and durability. Metal is yin/feminine in character; its energy is discipline and persistence. This element allows us to make the most of our ability and enables us to rise up against the odds. Metal energy brings us Resilience, Persistence, Determination, Self-discipline, and Self-control​

Not sure what element is best for you, take the Sara Yo test below!

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