With all that's going on in New Bedford these days, it's no surprise that the city is getting its fair share of visitors. Many want to come to enjoy the city's picturesque shorelines. But one visitor on Wednesday actually came out of the water to do so.

A gray seal pup spent part of Wednesday at East Beach, hanging out on the rocks and sand. This is apparently normal behavior for seals, who sometimes come ashore, rest, and then return to the water.

The New Bedford Police Department posted on Facebook that the seal was monitored by New Bedford Animal Control and IFAW Marine Mammal Rescue. A sign was put up to warn the public to avoid approaching the seal, keeping at least 150 feet away because the seal has sharp teeth and is wild.

It is also illegal to interfere with a seal that comes ashore. They are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

But if you're really craving some Seal, then allow these videos to "tide" you over:


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