The hardest working woman in Washington, D.C. has had enough and is heading home.

President Trump's Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will step down by the end of the month to return to her native Arkansas.

Sanders, a mother of three children, has been by Trump's side through thick and thin for three and a half years. She has endured some of the most wicked and harsh criticism ever doled out against a woman in Washington. The press has ridiculed her looks and her integrity and has been downright rude and at times nasty to her. But she never crumbled. It's sad that not one woman's organization ever came to her defense or sang her praises.

Sanders proved to be tougher than the men who preceded her in that position. The White House and the press are at war and that makes the press secretary a front line general on a daily basis. Unfortunately, dealing with the likes of Jim Acosta does not qualify her for combat pay.

Because of the rigors of the position, the press secretary's job changes hands frequently in most administrations. So, it is not a shock that Sanders is ready to move on. What is important to note, though, is that Sanders thoroughly enjoyed her time at the White House and is very good at what she does.

Sanders is stepping down not to retire to the homestead to bake cookies and chase dust bunnies but to pursue other challenges. What could be more challenging than being White House press secretary? Perhaps a run for Governor of Arkansas. That appears to be something to which she is giving serious consideration.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders served her country at a very difficult time in Washington. She has been an effective lightning rod through all of the insanity that has engulfed the capital since the Trump Administration came to power. She will continue to be a powerful presence in whatever she decides to do.

There has been no public discussion about a replacement, but I recommend Candace Owens, who has already expressed an interest in the position.

Good luck, Sarah.

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