I'm sure you can remember the homes around your neighborhood going all out with lights and decorations. I recall Maywood Street being one of the most decorated in New Bedford. That was then. This is now.

Decorating the outside of your home for Christmas isn't usually used to send a political message, but one Maine family has gotten attention for their outdoor decoration intended that was meant to show disdain for ISIS, but wound up confusing the neighbors. Part of the family's decorations outside their house showed the acronym "ISIS" spelled out in lights, with Santa Claus urinating on the letters, complete with a lit-up urine stream. Neighbors were concerned, however, and called police, thinking the family might be ISIS sympathizers. What do you think of this family's seasonal way of showing disdain for ISIS? And should Christmas decorations really be used to send political messages, even if it's one against despicable killers?

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