The annual Rose Alley Ale House Beer Summit is almost upon us, and the task may be a little intimidating to beginners or those who aren't too familiar with craft beer.

Below is a list of friendly tips for those looking to complete the summit for the first time, or maybe even some things a seasoned summiter may not have thought of, backed by personal experiences as well as advice from RAAH general manager Ryan Rapoza.


  • Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image
    Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image

    "It's not a race."

    Wise words from Rapoza, reminding you that many of these beers have a higher alcohol content than many may be used to. Remember to pace yourself and balance the beers your choose on a given visit.

  • AFP/Getty Images
    AFP/Getty Images

    Don't be afraid of the dark beers...

    For those new to craft beer, dark porters and stouts may seem a little intimidating. The summit is all about trying new beers so don't fear, you just find a new favorite.

  • Denver Post via Getty Images
    Denver Post via Getty Images

    ...Or the hoppy beers!

    Same thing goes for those hoppy India Pale Ales. Arguably an acquired taste, don't be afraid of these brews that can pack a bite.

  • Boston Globe via Getty Images
    Boston Globe via Getty Images

    Enjoy some grub with those brews

    RAAH serves up some of the best wings on the Southcoast, so don't be afraid to order a couple rounds while knocking back a few. With plenty of sauces and dry rubs to choose from, it'll be hard not to find the perfect pairing.

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    Getty Images

    Have fun!

    Be sure to bring some friends along and climb the summit together. Enjoy some great beer, meet some new folks and make some memories this month.

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