Zachary Savaria is the butcher at Lloyd’s Market in Rochester. Savaria has worked at this small-town store for more than 15 years, but this last year was particularly busy.

“I have never seen him work harder than he has over the past year during the pandemic,” said his wife, Krystina Savaria. “Working six days a week, long hours of trying to do his normal day-to-day tasks, on top of keeping up with the supply and demand of customers panic-shopping during the quarantine.”

Krystina sympathizes with all of the essential workers who were thrown into uncharted territory back in March of 2020.

“It has been quite heartbreaking to see what these tough days in retail or the food industry have done for employees. Having to speak with stubborn customers about why they need to wear masks in the store, or when the next delivery will be, it surely can be exhausting, all while Zac is worried about his own health and safety each day that he is surrounded by the public.”

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Zachary is just one of many special people who have gone above and beyond for everyone during these difficult times.

“Zac wants to make sure every customer has what they need and know they can count on Lloyd’s Market. He still comes home each day to myself and our children and uses his culinary skills to cook for us or help with school work.”

Krystina Savaria nominated her favorite essential worker to be recognized in the Spotlight SouthCoast Frontline Heroes program because in her eyes, "he is one of the most hard-working guys we have here in town, especially over the last year!"

Thank you, Zachary, for all you do day in and day out.

If you would like to shine a light on the essential workers in your life, click HERE to nominate them for the Spotlight SouthCoast Frontline Heroes program. Let everyone know what this past year has been like for them and how proud you are to know them. This program is made possible thanks to our sponsor, Prima Care.

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