We live in a time of distractions.  Distractions are all around us.  Always.  Often times those distractions are dangerous.  Case in point, cellphones and other electronic devises in the hands of people who are operating motor vehicles. The Massachusetts Senate on Thursday is set to debate a bill, (S2058), that would prohibit drivers from holding a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle.  The State House News Service says the legislation is a major expansion of the texting-while-driving ban established in 2010.  The bill provides exemptions for emergency use. The legislation, which carries a $100 fine for violations, was approved by the Senate last year but died in the House.  It has the endorsement of the Legislature's Transportation Committee. I am generally not a fan of laws that ban or prohibit what people do in the privacy of their own lives.  But, we have gotten to be ridiculously reckless. Sometimes there needs to be laws that protect people from themselves...and us from them.  This may be one of those times. Driving is difficult.  It requires all of your attention.  Distractions make it impossible to stay completely focused on the job at hand.  Conducting  affairs of the heart or a business deal on a cell while operating a vehicle is not advisable.  Actually it's downright dumb. Most all of today's smartphones are voice activated.   Retailors sell mounts for tour dash for your phone.  If you feel you must make a brief call and simply don't have the time to pull over, let Siri do the work. I support the ban on hand held cellphone use while driving and urge lawmakers to approve it quickly and Governor Baker to sign it into law.