The Democratic National Committee issued an apology to Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders and his supporters on Monday over e-mails that made disparaging remarks about Sanders and his campaign.

Before the apology was released Sanders supporters booed outgoing party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz during a delegates breakfast.

Among those on the ground in Philadelphia is Ward 4 New Bedford City Councillor and party worker Dana Rebeiro.

Ribeiro told  WBSM's Barry Richard that, while she wasn't there for the incident, she knows that the party is making efforts to address concerns of Sanders supporters so they can put the controversy behind them and move forward.

"We've got a good interim, a great interim, Donna Brazile and we'll figure it out," said Rebeiro "history and politics, it's a vibrant moving living thing and no one person has a life without downs and ups, but we certainly are united together in figuring this thing out."

Despite the tensions, Ribeiro says she has been working with many Sanders supporters who are enthusiastically participating in the convention.

"I did alot of outreach to people that had never been delegates, training them on how to run to be a delegate, and many of them ran for the first time and are here for the first time, and those are Bernie delegates and they're very excited to be here," said Ribeiro.

The Democratic National Convention runs until Thursday.

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