There's an interesting piece of commercial real estate available in Fall River for $499,000, but only if you're groovy enough to own it.

The building that once housed the Garment Workers Federal Credit Union is up for grabs, and it's like taking a trip back in a time machine.

Hop in your DeLorean and take a ride down to 146 18th St. in Fall River, right behind Saber TV.  When you see the 3,200-square-foot stucco building, you'll know you have arrived in 1973, the year that it was built.

The stucco on the exterior of the building is actually new, but once you walk through the doors of this 1970s palace, you'll be taken back to the day of bell bottoms and shag rugs.

Don't take this real estate review as any kind of a slam on the building whatsoever. On the contrary, this place is so '70s'd-up, it is actually pretty hip.  For the right business, a few touch-ups could make this one of the coolest commercial buildings in Fall River.

Honestly, while we're not looking to move, it would be an ideal spot for a radio station.

The shape of the exterior is unique and interesting, which also creates some out-of-the-ordinary office shapes. The interior centers around a massive chandelier in what was once the bank's lobby.

One interesting feature of the building is the vault. It comes complete with safe deposit boxes. Each employee could potentially have their own. What a perk!

Take a look around:

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