Though Massachusetts has a reputation of being the heartland of progressivism, the inner-workings of Beacon Hill often produce reactionary economic solutions and tepid attempts at reform.

As a result, there is a generation of young left activists and elected officials that are pushing for real progressive reforms that will make a lasting and positive change for the people of the Commonwealth.

Among these leaders is State Rep-Elect Erika Uyterhoeven, who recently won a primary and general election for the 27th Middlesex District running openly as a Democratic Socialist. Rep-Elect Uyterhoeven campaigned with a coalition of labor unions, and grassroots organizations to mobilize a volunteer base of over 350 individuals, nearly unprecedented for a Massachusetts state representative campaign.

Rep-Elect Uyterhoeven is looking forward to not only working on ambitious policy like a state-level Green New Deal, but also very modest procedural reforms on Beacon Hill that will allow constituents to have a clearer understanding of how their representatives are legislating. When she joined me on the program recently, we discussed these reforms, and what real left policy should look like in Massachusetts. You can listen to the full conversation here:

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