A Rehoboth man faces arraignment after his arrest Sunday on charges related to the alleged forcible rape of a child under the age of 16.

Rehoboth Police on Sunday obtained a warrant for the arrest of 19-year-old Trevor Breckenridge. Later that day they arrested him at his 2 Roberts Rd. home after police received a tip that he would be there. Breckenridge was located in his bedroom and taken into custody without incident by patrolman Mark Wetherell, according to a media release from Rehoboth Police Sgt. James M. Casey.

The alleged incident occurred Saturday at a residence located in the south end of Rehoboth, police said.

Breckenridge was transported to the Rehoboth Police Station for booking and his bail was set at $10,040.00. He was transported to the Ash Street Jail in New Bedford, a facility run by the Bristol County Sheriff’s Department.

Police said Breckenridge will be arraigned at a later date on a charge of rape of a child under 16 by force. Any person convicted under the statute faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 5 years and may be handed a life sentence based upon the circumstances of the crime.

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