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Throughout her life and career, Maya Angelou gave the world sage advise and keen observations in matters that concern the human family. Readers who never took the time to fully understand or assimilate her words properly now have the opportunity to do so with Rainbow In The Cloud: The Wisdom and Spirit Of Maya AngelouAs you read this book, Angelous's words will become a balm to your soul and heart.

Rainbow In The Cloud contains many profound truths about the human existence, and in many cases Angelou's words brought tears to my eyes. In one moving quote, she said, "My hand is at the small of your back; I may let you stumble, but I will never let you fall." (94) So many images fluttered through my mind after reading this quote that my emotions took me by surprise.

Powerful sayings have a way to penetrate deeply into the most secret place of ourselves. So take some time for yourself and experience the wonder of Angelou's insightful observations, quotes and sayings. I guarantee your humanity will be touched in ways you can't imagine.

Rainbow In The Cloud: The Wisdom and Spirit of Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

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