Nobody's really a fan of public restrooms. But they're a necessary evil and there are several traits that really get on our nerves. Here are just a few.

Blowdryer, but no paper towels

What?! I just washed my hands and I want to get them all nice and dry using an absorbent fabric of some kind, but all they offer in this bathroom is hot air? Look, I'm all for preserving the environment, but at least give me the chance to make such a reckless decision as using a paper towel before I resort to using the underpowered blowdryer. Besides, I already know I'm just going to end up wiping my hands on my pants, anyway.

One-ply toilet paper

Really? We're going to skimp on the one thing that needs to be as reliant and luxurious as possible? At this point, I feel the pamphlets in the visitor center across the hall would work better.

Too much toilet paper

You may have run into this one before, and it's so frustrating. In order to cut down on the amount of times they have to change out the roll of TP, they use bigger roles of the wimpy one-ply. So when you go to pull out a few squares, it rips in your hands due to the weight of the roll. So you have to quickly come up with a formula and choose an angle that gives the least amount of resistance, but gives you a few pieces of TP.


The "push-button" faucets

You know the ones. Where you can only wash one hand at a time? Really, what's the point?


There are many more we could put here, but we want to know some of yours. Leave a comment below!

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