Multi-billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk has made quite the name for himself over the years and has cemented himself in history as one of the brightest, richest and most polarizing individuals of our lifetime.

But in the '90s, he was just an eager college student at University of Pennsylvania happily dating North Providence native Jennifer Gwynne.

Their relationship ended in 1995, but Gwynne held onto their memories and recently put them up for auction through a Boston auction house, resulting in $165,000.

I guess sometimes it pays to hold onto birthday cards and jewelry from your ex.

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Gwynne and Musk’s Story

Gwynne and Musk had a short-lived romance from 1994 to 1995 while they were resident advisers together at UPenn.

“We broke up just before he started conquering the world,” Gwynne told The Boston Globe.

Gwynne told Inside Edition there were no hard feelings after the breakup, which may be one of the reasons she held on to the box that so many of us do after a relationship ends. However, I doubt my birthday cards from my exes would be worth thousands of dollars.

Items that Gwynne Auctioned Off

RR Auction sold the items for Gwynne, such as a 14-karat gold necklace that went for $51,008. A signed birthday card from Musk sold for $16,643, and even photographs sold with a high price tag. A shot of Musk in his dorm room taken by Gwynne sold for $21,900.

Between the photographs, cards and jewelry, the auction raked in $165,000. Gwynne plans on putting the money toward her stepson’s college tuition and a honeymoon for her and her husband.

Be Honest. Do You Have The Box?

It’s incredible to think that Gwynne had the intuition to hold on to those memories with Musk for all of these years. The last time I had a box filled with old love letters and birthday cards was in high school, and I got rid of it the moment I moved in with my husband. Gazelle admitted to having a bracelet from a past relationship, and Michael shared he still has his box sitting in the attic collecting dust.

It’s funny to think how we, as humans, become attached to memories even after a relationship has fizzled out, but in Gwynne's case, it certainly paid to hold on to Musk for almost 30 years.

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