What was once a Canadian Coast Guard tugboat is now a floating apartment in the Providence Marina that's available to rent on Airbnb. If you want a unique weekend away without going too far, this rental seems to have that covered.

Offered by Superhost Daniel, the vintage tugboat named Aulneau was built in 1956 and has been completely remodeled into a very cozy-looking living space. It keeps lots of nautical embellishments while adding modern amenities like air-conditioning and Wi-Fi, two things I'm sure the original sailors on this ship never enjoyed.

Let's be honest, though. Staying overnight on a tugboat has some disadvantages. Daniel himself describes the boat's bathroom by saying, "It will probably be the smallest bathroom you will ever use."

There's also the fact that the doorways are not average size and most adults will need to duck getting in and out of the apartment portion of the boat. Plus, the double bed below deck is shorter than average, so tall folks may not be able to stretch their legs.

I'm not trying to be a Negative Nancy here. The tugboat has some amazing qualities as well. The interior is stylish and cozy with custom-built cabinetry and a full kitchen. Providence Marina is a short walk from all the restaurants and shops along Wickenden Street. Not to mention the pure history in this real tugboat that spent most of its life working in the Great Lakes and Canadian Arctic.

"It will probably be the smallest bathroom you will ever use."

A unique overnight to say the least. It's a great option for a WaterFire event this summer or a short stay before hopping a ferry to Newport for the day.

Whatever your reason, here's a look at where you could be rocking to sleep on the Providence River.

See Inside Vintage Canadian Tugboat Turned Floating Providence Apartment

If staying somewhere new and exciting while also getting a taste of international history interests you, then this might be the best local overnight stay you could have. A 1956 Canadian Coast Guard tugboat has been remodeled into a floating apartment in the Providence Marina for a night away unlike any other.

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