After several months of chemotherapy and five grueling treatments of radiation, beloved TV Judge and Rhode Island native Frank Caprio is celebrating the end of his treatment at Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute.

Known for his big heart and loving personality on the reality TV show Caught in Providence, the world wept when Caprio shared his pancreatic cancer diagnosis back in November.

With his latest announcement, Caprio is ready to “ring the bell of healing” and begin a new chapter with his friends and family.

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Judge Caprio Rings the Bell at Cancer Institute

The famous judge spoke with People Magazine and shared his journey over the last several months since being diagnosed in November of last year.

“The treatment is a very trying experience,” he said. “You have to dig down deep with your courage and make up your mind that you’re going to beat this…I know it was a bleak prognosis but I never gave up hope.”

Judge Caprio shared the heartwarming moment of ringing the bell at Baptist Health Miami Cancer Institute to symbolize the end of his treatment. He was surrounded by friends, family, and the incredible staff that saved him.

Each person had a judge’s gavel, paying homage to the world’s kindest judge.

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What’s Next for Judge Frank Caprio?

Since announcing his completion of chemotherapy, Judge Caprio shared he has written a book.

“Final edits are being made now, and we hope to have it out by fall,” said Judge Caprio on Instagram.

From the looks of it, he was inspired to complete it after hearing the story of an 8-year-old author from Idaho.

Caprio was healthy enough to attend the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards this year where he was nominated for Daytime Personality—Daily for the fourth year in a row. While he didn’t bring home the award, Caught in Providence didn’t go unnoticed as the show’s producer and SouthCoast native, John Methia, took home a trophy.

Needless to say, things are looking up for the beloved TV Judge. It seems like nothing will slow this man down.

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