A group of concerned citizens is planning to march on New Bedford City Hall this week, protesting the ongoing rolling blackouts of the City's fire stations.

Due to overtime costs, the City has opted to shut down one station every day in an effort to combat a budget deficit of over $1 million.

Matthew Daniels, a former candidate for City Council, is one of the organizers of the NB Blackout Movement, and tells WBSM's Brian Thomas the group will protest outside of City Hall every Thursday. "We just want the officials that are down there to see the citizens that are upset about this and let them know that we're all paying attention to this. Everybody's not happy about it. We want some sort of resolution that's more satisfactory," says Daniels.

Participants will begin protesting this Thursday at 3pm outside of City Hall. The organizers vow to be at City Hall every Thursday until Mayor Jon Mitchell stops the blackouts.