Dave Moura, the owner of our major champion ProGroup Contracting, spoke with The Michael Rock Morning Show about his support of Lemonade Day Southcoast.

Lubbock Lemonade Day

Dave and the team at ProGroup and Wilmot’s Decorating Center are helping Lemonade Day entrepreneurs put some extra elbow grease into their stands this year. Dave himself is an entrepreneur and feels Lemonade Day is a chance to spark that entrepreneurial interest in kids at young age.

A lot of these kids are donating to causes, which is great; teaches them entrepreneurship and trying to build a business and make a bit of money themselves and some of them are creating jobs and have other kids working for them!  Some of the kids are going to get an interest for business here. For some kids its sports, for other kids, it's art or music and for other kids its business. One these kids could turn out to be a big entrepreneur who does great things here.

Thanks to Dave and his team, this year's Lemonade Day participants are invited to go Wilmot’s Decorating Center (1193 Ashley Blvd. New Bedford) and pick up a special Lemonade Day painting kit to help decorate their stand. The kit includes a paintbrush, a pot liner and one pint of exterior solid stain in any color you want, to be mixed just for you during your visit!

Once families are done at Wilmot’s, they can head across the parking lot to ProGroup Contracting to pick up a chalkboard menu display easel and ProGroup Sponsor Sticker to place on their stand.

Once kids have completed both projects, they'll be entered to win a brand new iPad!  Complete ProGroup Contracting Lemonade Day Contest details are inside of your Lemonade Day Backpacks. Hear Dave's full interview below.


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