The Boston 2024 Olympics bid certainly has it's cheerleaders, but there are nay-sayers as well.

Andrew Zimbalist, Professor of Economics at Smith College, discussed the realities of welcoming the Summer Olympics to Boston on "The Taylor Cormier Show". He says one of the bullet points of the Boston 2024 Committee is increased tourism with the games. Zimbalist says the opposite is true, "People who would be normal tourists in a city, who want to go for the city's cultural attractions, stay away during the Olympics. They don't want to deal with the congestion. They don't want to deal with the high-priced hotels. And some are concerned, rightfully, about security incidents."

Zimbalist points to the Beijing games of 2008, where tourism was down 30% from the summer before, and an over 6% decrease in tourism during the London 2012 games.

He adds Olympics venues on average run 350% over budget.

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