President Trump Delivers State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress
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President Donald J. Trump's State of the Union speech was excellent. He celebrated the accomplishments of the United States and his administration.

The British Broadcasting Company recently ran a story about President Trump and his place among other Presidents at this point in their administrations. The state-owned media company wrote: "The only president in recent decades to have anything like Mr. Trump's low rating at this stage was, perhaps surprisingly, Ronald Reagan, who was also languishing at 37% in 1983. His numbers slowly improved after that and he went on to win a second term as president."

The British journalist who wrote this doesn't know much about the political and media climate of America when Ronald Reagan was in the Oval Office. The media and the leftists in politics blamed Reagan for homelessness, unemployment, and even the AIDS virus that was ravaging segments of the world's population. They called President Reagan a racist. They defended and supported violent socialist and communist regimes in our hemisphere. Some of the craziest members of Congress were desperate to impeach Ronald Reagan.

Sound familiar?

Ronald Reagan didn't cower and he didn't quit. He knew he was right and he went around the media and took his message directly to the American people.

The reason the BBC journalist can't understand the similarity between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan is that history has proven Reagan was correct. And someday history will show the policies of President Trump were correct.

Until then, we will have to put up with the attacks and the lies; fortunately, President Trump, like President Reagan, doesn't need cheerleaders in the cheap seats to feel good about himself.

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