Come election day in November, local voters will decide whether or not to support the Community Preservation Act. The New Bedford City Council agreed 10-0 to send it to the ballot, with the support of many local non-profits and the New Bedford Economic Development Council.

The CPA enables cities and towns to create a dedicated fund for historical preservation, parks, outdoor recreation and housing for local families, while receiving matching funds for these purposes. I had a chance to speak with Lee Blake, President of the New Bedford Historical Society, about how the CPA works, who is exempt and how much the average New Bedford homeowner would pay. According to Ms. Blake, the average bill would be about $18 a year.

Some opponents, like Thomas Wholley, a New Bedford resident wrote in an opinion piece in the Standard Times on Oct. 8, that the CPA was part of a one-world conspiracy. Please listen to the interview in the hopes of providing you with information that will help you make a qualified decision on election day.

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