One of the most pressing challenges on the South Coast is the issue of establishing a sustainable day-time shelter for the homeless. The main obstacles are the usual culprits: money, location, staffing and what services it could help the homeless with. Most every community leader agrees something has to be done to make a drop-in center a reality.

Some estimates figure $80,000 a year would be enough to launch the program. That would pay for rent, construction and installation of showers, computers and other things needed. A location in Weld Square is being considered by an area church group. That said, the Salvation Army tried to open a similar shelter a few years ago, but the funding wasn't there.

So, my question for the community is, if the money can be raised, would it make sense to invest the funds in the Salvation Army, that already has the location and infrastructure? Why duplicate another site? The Salvation Army already is established and serves as a philanthropy nexus! What are your thoughts?