While the New England Patriots are still currently without their first round pick in this year's NFL draft, after losing the pick as part of the penalty handed down by the league for Deflategate, the team did get some good draft news today. 

The NFL announced today that the team would be among a list of 13 teams that will be receiving compensatory picks for April's draft.

In fact, New England was awarded 4 total compensatory picks for the draft, which gives them now 10 picks overall.

According to a post on Patriots.com, the league uses a formula based around the amount and quality of free agents a team loses in the previous year compared to the amount and quality of free agents the team signs to determine if and how many compensatory picks should be awarded.

With New England losing the likes of Darrelle Revis, Vince Wilfork, Shane Vereen and Brandon Browner among others to free agency last season and only bringing in Jabaal Sheard, the league felt that a third round pick and three sixth round choices should be given back to the club.

As of now, compensatory picks or not allowed to be used in trades, though that rule is being changed. Starting next season, teams will be able to trade their comp picks.

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