Erin Patriarca of Middleborough posted a photo in a Facebook group and the picture actually had me laughing out loud.

"I went into Hannaford's for literally 3 seconds today - came out and left, then noticed a parking violation on my car. Now I’m like what the heck could I have possibly done - I parked in a regular I’m freaking out driving home seeing it flap around on my windshield. I get home and take it off and read it (see picture below) I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time. I have never seen this before and it literally made my day! I was having somewhat of a crappy Monday until I saw this. Thank you so much for making me laugh whoever did this and I will be sure to pass it on!"

Erin Patriarca Parking Violation via Facebook
Erin Patriarca Parking Violation via Facebook

Someone in the group commented on her post, commending her for the outlook she had on the prank: "Love your attitude on this and that you have a good sense of humor! This cracked me up!"

Have to say, the "Pleading Not Guilty" line was the funniest part of the whole ticket.

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