NEW BEDFORD - After this week, the streets of New Bedford's South End will look much cleaner.

The Department of Public Infrastructure is conducting it's semi-annual round of street sweeping.

A recent sweep of the North End resulted in 15 tons of debris being taken off the streets. "It's a lot of caked up dirt. There's cups, plastic bags. It's a mess," says DPI Commissioner Zeb Arruda. "Once you've had the opportunity of doing a nice clean sweep without any vehicles, you'll see the roads right after that and they look amazing."

Arruda says it's difficult to deep clean the streets more than twice a year.

"We've got 300 miles of road to maintain throughout the city, so just keeping with all of the general maintenance with all of the other city streets, this is added extra right now."

The street sweeping will take place Wednesday and Thursday from Cove to Davis Streets and from Brock Avenue to East Rodney French Boulevard. Residents in those areas are asked not to park on the south and west sides of the street Wednesday, and not to park on the north and east sides of the street Thursday.

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