PACE is seeking candidates for its Board of Directors.

The not-for-profit organization offers a number of services for low-income families in New Bedford, and currently has three open spots for its March election.

Bruce Morrell, Executive Director of PACE, tells WBSM News that by federal statute, at least one-third of PACE's board seats must come from the low-income population, or be a representative of it.

"Ideally, it's someone who has participated in one of PACE's services," Morrell said. "The low-income sector is the eyes and ears in our community for our board."

Each year, three of the seats of the nine-person board are up for election. The board is also comprised of individuals from the public and private sectors of the community.

"The low-income sector really has first-hand knowledge of the services we provide," Morrell said. "They can make recommendations on improvement, offer different strategies and where we should focus our resources."

Candidates must be 18 years or older and submit a candidate profile before February 15. The forms can be picked up during business hours at the PACE office at 166 William Street.

Low income board representatives are eligible for a $25 stipend for each board meeting attended to cover transportation and child care costs.

Ballots will be available for voting throughout the month of March. Morrell says people do not need to be utilizing a PACE service in order to vote. Anyone who fits the low-income guidelines and is a New Bedford resident is eligible to cast a ballot.

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