Republicans are going to have a problem whether they support President Trump or whether they are against him as they approach the mid-term elections. That should be also good news for their Democratic opponents if they know how to use it to their advantage.

For the Republican candidates, there are two roads they can follow in the 2018 elections. First, there’s the tying of their coattails to the President or second, they can take the Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s approach and support the party, but not its leader.

With Baker, his approach works in Massachusetts, a heavily Democratic state, as he has been able to grab conservative Democrats and appeal to independents. While the Bay State goes in the direction of the Democrats nationally, there has been a fondness for Republicans in the governor’s office.

If the Republican candidates choose the “Baker Approach,” though, they won’t be getting any support from the White House and will be left doing the Washington two-step to avoid being associated with Trump, especially if he tweets or says something offensive.

If you are running on morals and values do you want the President campaigning for you and then having to spend the next news cycle defending his behavior? Of course, that would also provide some interesting clips for Democrats to use.

Republicans choosing the Baker Road will have to hope Trump's approval numbers fall even lower. Of course, that would also be good news for the Democrats.

Do stay tuned.

(Mike Hardman is the digital managing editor for WBSM. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.)