Imagine being one of roughly 22,000 people enjoying a Jason Aldean concert,  when the rat-tat-tat of automatic gunfire rings out. Concert goers duck or run for cover. As of this writing 58 are dead, hundreds injured. Police say the gunman, Stephen Paddock, was shot dead by police. Talk about a necessary convenience.

There are family members of the dead that haven't been notified, and the anti gun response is loud and clear. Yep, the guns did it. No knuckle head pulled the trigger.

The President is speaking out. Senator Elizabeth Warren is on the bandwagon to stop gun violence. Hillary Clinton is pointing the finger of fault at the NRA. Even former VP Joe Biden is throwing in his two cents for gun control. As we can see and hear, it's not taking long for the anti gun response.

My question is how do you stop anyone from renting a room on the 32nd floor of a major casino-hotel and firing his guns on a crowd of people, like they're fish in a barrel? Stephen Paddock has no excuse for his alleged actions. And no defense against any of the mounting allegations. Meanwhile, it's no surprise that government, governments are already pitching gun legislation.

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