The Boston march for gun control was attended by Senator Elizabeth Warren, and she expressed to a news reporter her goal: to keep “military” guns out of schools.

Boston TV station WHDH had a live interview with Senator Warren and some child protesters at the Saturday rally for gun control. The interview was extremely revealing, although the questions were standard, rather than aggressive gotcha-style inquiries.

When the reporter was asking the kids about the rally, the Democrat senator requested he ask a specific young lady a question. In what can only be an amazing coincidence, the student protester praised Warren as they held hands.

Kids say the darndest things!

Senator Warren is a member of the Senate Armed Services committee and numerous subcommittees with specific roles in overseeing the U.S. military. She sees all of the details of the various branches in the American military, and much about the military forces of other countries.

Obviously, the discussion of weapons is involved in the work of the Armed Services committee. Warren serves on a subcommittee that specifically has oversight of the procurement of equipment for Reserve and National Guard units, and that would include discussions of small arms like rifles and handguns.

When Senator Warren told the reporter and all of the people watching her on TV that she wanted to prevent “military” weapons from hurting children, she was revealing more than she realized. Either Senator Warren of the Armed Services committee has no idea what a military weapon is, or she intentionally misled the public.

A military assault rifle has the capability to fire more than one bullet with a single squeeze of the trigger. None of the weapons involved in any of the mass shootings in America had the military capacity to fire more than one round per trigger squeeze. Some of the weapons look like the ones the military uses, but don’t operate like military assault rifles. On Halloween, I see children who look like ghosts and superheroes, but I know they only appear that way and it isn’t reality.

I do not believe Senator Warren intentionally lied to the public on Saturday when she warned of “military” weapons as a threat to children. I honestly wish she was just lying and scaring the public for political reasons.

I believe Senator Warren of the Armed Services committee doesn’t know what kind of rifle our service members use to defend the country.

Let that sink in for a moment. She has oversight of our national defense and she doesn’t know what kind of rifle is commonly issued to the men and women in combat.

Either that, or she lied to further terrorize school children and the adults who care about them for her political aims.

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