Claiming politics isn't his thing, John Oliveira is now a man on a mission. His concern? How the schools are being run. Oliveira makes no bones about job #1 being to get rid of Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin. He claims his children speak of her when they get home from school. Oliveira remains outspoken regarding the number of teachers and staff that have left the system under Dr. Durkin's tenure.

John Oliveira is not afraid to speak his mind. That's refreshing from a trusted public official. We don't always agree on how many tax dollars are necessary to properly run the system. But as a former naval officer, Oliveira understands well what it takes to get the job done. He doesn't possess a college degree. How many officers and business owners fit that category? My experience with John tell me he won't be a "yes man" to the Superintendent. Oliveira is the necessary bull in the china shop New Bedford needs to demand order within the schools.

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