Ok, enough is enough. David Hogg, your 15 minutes of fame is just about up. It's time to go away.

It is not unusual for the media to create bright little stars when they fit the need and the moment. David Hogg was one such useful propagandist, but it's time now to move on. Even those who got chills from Hogg's every appearance on the left-wing cable network news shows are ready to dispense with him now. USA Today's Tom Nichols, a gun-toting conservative who is not exactly a Trump apologist, says Hogg is "irritating and sanctimonious," and is turning from a "youth with a good cause to a media operator."

Hogg's public feud with Fox News host Laura Ingraham is an embarrassment for both, and a bore for most of the rest of us. I don't do boycotts, but do make purchasing decisions based upon a number of factors, including whether or not I like the company. Companies who threaten to cause economic harm to individuals with whom they disagree don't get my business. Nor do companies who cave to pressure from those who organize boycotts.

It has been a month and a half since Parkland. The debate over gun control, as is usually the case after some time passes, has faded away and with a few exceptions, so has the discussion about making our schools safer. Fear not, though, because before long, there will be another school shooting, and it will begin all over again.

In the meantime, the media needs to find something more productive than to peddle David Hogg to promote its agenda. David Hogg needs to focus on his education.

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