"Black Made That" is an incredible rap music video that highlights the many contributions of black inventors, and those who have otherwise enriched our culture here in America and around the world.

The video, which features hundreds of students from New Bedford and California, was created by School Yard Rap and Big Picture Anthems, and was directed by New Bedford's Ben Gilbarg, who also founded Big Picture Anthems. The song is featured on the album Ourstory by Griot B. as part of S.T.E.A.M. the Streets, an effort to inspire minority youth to pursue careers in Math and Science related fields.

"Black Made That" is an upbeat inspirational message to black children who might not always feel represented in their school's curriculum. The video flings open the door of opportunity and tells youngsters that anything is possible if you just think about it and apply yourself, regardless of your background.

Three cheers to Ben Gilbarg and everyone involved in this uplifting endeavor that I know will be a guiding light for many young people.

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