Folks, we are totally losing our marbles. No, I am serious.

A 13-year-old public school student in Sampson County, North Carolina has been suspended for two days for drawing a picture of a stick man holding a gun. The 7th grader drew the image on a ruled notepad along with sketches of a race car, a truck, a magician and a Ninja Turtle.

School Superintendent Eric Bracy told local NBC affiliate WRAL, "Due to everything happening in the nation, we're just being extra vigilant about all issues of safety." The boy's father, James Herring says the guy with the gun is a deer hunter and says his son was merely "expressing himself" with the drawings. Herring added, "When I see that, I see a normal 13-year-old boy. I drew pictures like this, any other person of his age drew drawing likes this. It's nothing to get expelled from school for."

It sure isn't.

Let me tell you what I see on that notepad. I see another 13-year-old boy about to fall through the cracks. There are no class notes on that page, only doodles. Tells me that he, like many others his age all across the country is bored stiff and not challenged by the lesson plan. Cycle them in, cycle them out. What a shame.

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