So, Unca Joe wants to go a few rounds with The Donald behind the schoolhouse?  Wow! Could it actually happen?  If it were a pay-per-view event, would you buy in?

But isn't Joe Biden's taunting of Donald Trump considered bullying in the liberal universe Joe floats around in? Just did a blog and a talk show on bullying, and some people seem to think that it is.

Biden is under the impression that he is physically superior to Trump, and under the cover of that old man "if I only I was younger" bravado, the former Veep suggests he'd take Trump "behind the gym" and "beat the hell" out of him. That sounds like taunting and bullying to me.

Biden, who has a penchant for putting his hands all over females of all ages, is apparently upset that Trump has shown what Biden believes to be a disrespect for women.

Hey, Trump won with 52 percent of white women. Ask Hillary Clinton.

Biden has been known to make a buffoon out of himself in the past, and has done so again. Chill out, Uncle Joe. Maybe join Hillary on the road in India. Your act might be a hit there.

Biden, at 75 years old, stands six-feet and weighs in at 180 pounds. Trump, at 71, stands six-three and weighs 239 pounds.

My money is on Trump. What say you?

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