Dartmouth Parks and Recreation announced the opening day of Round Hill Beach, debuting the new bathrooms.

Probably the best thing to see on my Facebook newsfeed on a Thursday night. "The much needed restroom renovation at Round Hill Beach is just about complete and will be ready for opening day on the 16th."

Dartmouth Parks and Recreation Facebook
Dartmouth Parks and Recreation Facebook

Folks, we are only three weeks away from the grand debut! And let me tell you, it could not come any sooner. When you think back to what the bathrooms were like before, the smell is probably the first thing that hits you. Then the look of the bathroom comes to mind and you know that you maybe considered just doing your business in the ocean. (Please say you didn’t, but I’d almost understand if you did).

New Restrooms,

We haven't met yet, but I think I'm in love. Thank you for coming to our lives at a point that we needed you most. Granting local families the hope of a bright summer together. Bringing peace to a young parent dragging his or her little one to the potty before an accident. Sure, we’ll probably still wear our flip-flops on our visit to see you, but don’t take it personally. Would rather just be safe than sorry. I am hopeful for our future together.

See you soon,


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