The death of one's child must be the most excruciating agony imaginable. It is not natural for a child to pass before its parents, especially when that child has barely had a chance to live.

George and Barbara Bush were not the first parents to lose a child, and certainly will not be the last. But because the Bushes were public people, their suffering was public as well. Perhaps the way in which they dealt with their loss and their pain can provide comfort to others who are experiencing the same type of loss.

Upon pondering his mortality shortly before his own death, Bush reportedly said that he was no longer afraid to die, for death would reunite him with loved ones he had lost, including Robin. What a comfort that must have been to have such faith at a time of great uncertainty. What a reunion that must have been.

George Herbert Walker Bush will be laid to rest on Wednesday next to his wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush, and their beloved daughter Robin.

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