It's been quite a school year for Old Rochester's Maggie Brogioli.

On top of graduating from high school, the Mattapoisett teen managed to help lead her volleyball team to a Division 3 state championship, getting named to The Boston Globe All Scholastics team in the process. She also set the Old Rochester school record for the high jump. Twice. And that wasn't even the most impressive part of her year.

Brogioli spent the weekend at the University of Pennsylvania competing in the pentathlon event at the New Balance Nationals Outdoor Meet, but it almost didn't happen.

The plan was to leave for UPenn on Friday morning.

"She was sick as a dog," says her mother, Stella.

They were ready to cancel the road trip.

"We took her temp, and she didn't have a fever. We jumped in the car and she slept the whole way."

By the evening, down in Pennsylvania, Brogioli was feeling better. She ate dinner and was on the field by 9 a.m. the following morning.

Brogioli competed against the top athletes in the United States, finishing in the top 6 and earning the title of All-American.

As phenomenally well as she did, her mother is confident she would have turned in a better performance had she not been ill.

It took a few days for Brogioli to fully comprehend her accomplishment.

"In the moment, I didn't really get it. I was kind of like, 'Wow, that's crazy.' It barely hit me as I was leaving the whole stadium."

Stella Brogioli
Stella Brogioli

Brogioli credits her high school coach, Cindy Tilden, with developing her as a track athlete.

"She has been a mentor for me," Brogioli said. "I kind of goofed off through most of those years, and she was able to keep me in line. I wouldn't be as good as I am today without her. I love her so much."

Tilden says she always recognized Brogioli for the gifted athlete that she is, but noticed a change in her commitment level last spring.

"Anyone who knows Maggie as an athlete knows that she had that ability to do that when she was ready. This was a fantastic way for her to finish her high school career."

Brogioli's track career started when she was 4 or 5 years old.  She would tag along at the Mattapoisett Track Club with her two older brothers.

"Running has always been a big part of the Brogioli family," Stella says.

Stella Brogioli
Stella Brogioli

Brogioli will attend Sacred Heart University's honors program to study exercise science on the way to a doctorate in physical therapy.

After being accepted into the program, she reached out to the track coach and asked if there was a spot for her on the team.

The coach must have fallen off his chair.

While there's not a lot of active recruiting for track at Sacred Heart, it's not every day an All-American athlete comes knocking on your door looking to join.

Not surprisingly, Brogioli earned an athletic scholarship and will compete on Sacred Heart's Division 1 Track and Field team.

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