The Oakland A's were in Cleveland on Wednesday night, and it was a tight game. It came down to the the 9th inning and Adam Rosales hit what looked like a home run to everyone in the world, except for MLB umpire Angle Hernandez. 

It was pretty clear after watching the replay that Rosales hit a home run, but as usual MLB umpires chose to be stubborn, rather than admit that they were wrong. After coming out and saying that the call of a ground-rule double would stand, A's manager Bob Melvin was kicked out.

The hit would go out over the yellow line, which signifies a home run. Unfortunately the umpires totally blew a call that was clear as day to anyone with DVR.

The Indians would go on to beat the A's 4-3 because of the blown call. Even thought the umpires used instant replay, they say there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the original call.

Unfortunately Major League Baseball stands behind their umpires to the point of not wanting people to be able to see the actual video. You can watch Hernandez blow the call at