President Donald Trump has a John McCain problem. Trump cannot seem to move beyond his stormy relationship with the late Arizona Republican senator.

McCain and Trump's feud is a complicated one but not unusual in politics. The press and many political observers tend to make a lot more of it than it probably deserves because McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam and in many eyes a war hero. Not only that, but McCain was a "maverick" to many in the liberal press and not one of those loony conservatives. Even if that meant siding with the enemy.

Trump and McCain have done and said some pretty nasty things to and about each other. You've heard all about it so I don't need to rehash it all here. Politicians do that. It's part of the game.

John McCain served his country admirably and paid a huge price for it. For that, he deserves our praise. But Senator McCain was also a public figure who debated and voted on public policy and is certainly open to criticism just as any other public figure would be. McCain was a war hero, but not a saint.

Trump probably feels justified in his criticism of McCain. Perhaps he is. But Trump has become fixated on McCain and needs to move on. McCain is dead and is no longer a player. His impact on public policy will certainly be judged by historians.

Trump's inability to stop talking about McCain only gives his critics and the media more opportunities to beat him over the head. Trump needs to swallow hard and let McCain rest in peace.

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