The day after North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un promised to destroy the United States in a nuclear fire, the nation fired a missile from their east coast within the city of Wonsan and it exploded seconds after launch. This highly visible failure in the spotlight of the world is thought to be an extremely humiliating and enraging moment for the odd, portly stump of a man who is known to execute military members by shooting them...with Anti-Aircraft Artillery (roughly the size of our 50 cal.) or having assassins rub poison into the faces of those he hunts down.

North Korea was attempting to demonstrate that it was willing and able to go toe to toe with the likes of the super-power United states of America while it multitasked by attempting to intimidate Japan, which is where experts reportedly believe the missile was pointed toward.

Not a good day to be a rocket scientist behind the NK fence today...we should hear of a few more bangs by weeks end and a few openings in the rocket development department in Pyongyang.

Eventually, the world will have to appropriately deal with Asia's version of Yosemite Sam.

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