Ward One City Councilor Jim Oliveira will not be a candidate for re-election this fall.

Oliveira has served six years as the Councilor for the far North End, but now he says its time to move on.

"I'm getting a little bit older and I have other personal preferences I want to attend to. This job is extremely demanding and takes up a lot of your time. I want to go out feeling like I've done it well," said Oliveira

During his six years in office, Oliveira says he enjoyed the council work, especially helping others.

"Constituent services is what I call the fun part of the job. I have enjoyed meeting people from all portions of the Ward, and I get a generally great feeling helping folks out."

Oliveira adds he also enjoyed making pragmatic decisions with his colleagues in the Council Chambers that will help New Bedford in the future.

Oliveira says he has no plans to endorse anyone for the Ward One seat.

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