Among the more controversial pieces of legislation awaiting state lawmakers as they crawl back up Beacon Hill following the summer recess is the Family Mobility Act, a bill to grant illegal aliens a Massachusetts driver's license.

The bill would allow illegals the privilege to have a standard driving license simply by showing proof of identity, date of birth and Massachusetts residency. Supporters say it's a matter of fairness since being stopped by police while driving without a license often leads to the families of illegal immigrants being split apart. Bummer.

“The leading causes of family separation by ICE in Massachusetts comes from the fact police pull over people and charge them for driving without a license in an uninsured vehicle. So passing this bill would make life safer for undocumented families,” Andrea Schmid of The Pioneer Valley Workers Center tells WWLP 22 News of Springfield.

You know, I just hate when that happens.

The best way to prevent running afoul of ICE in Massachusetts if you are an illegal immigrant is to avoid driving an uninsured vehicle without a license. Even better, stay the hell out of Massachusetts altogether if you are here illegally. Sounds simple, no?

To the pinheads in the House and Senate who would actually consider voting to approve this idiocy, perhaps you might to try driving around in Guatemala or Honduras in an uninsured vehicle without a license and see how that works out for ya.

To his credit, Governor Charlie Baker has said there should be verification of legal status before someone is given a license.

Illegal immigrants should not be rewarded with a driver's license.

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