After the Baltimore Orioles' games on Monday and Tuesday against the Chicago White Sox were postponed because of the rioting that broke out on Monday, it was decided that Wednesday's, 4/29 game would be played, because it would have been too hard to make up all three of them. But because of safety concerns for fans, the game was closed to the public, in what's believed to be the first time in major league baseball's 145-year history that a game has been played without fans there.

I remember back when the L.A. riots broke out, they announced on the PA system that no one would be allowed to drive toward the southbound exits of Central L.A. because of the unrest. That evening Reginald Denny was pulled out from his truck and beaten senselessly. But the stadium had plenty of fans, unlike what happened at Baltimore, playing to an empty stadium. Officials also moved the game up five hours to the afternoon from its original 7:05 start time. Although fans weren't allowed in the stadium, they were able to watch it on TV. Baltimore's upcoming weekend series against Tampa Bay was also moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. All of this means a big loss of revenue for Baltimore.

So, what do you think of the Orioles and White Sox playing in front of an empty stadium? Wouldn't moving up the game to the afternoon had been enough to address safety concerns without having to close it to the public? Please leave me your thoughts.

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